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Retailers can get obsessed with market positioning. I know of one fashion retailer that has changed its positioning strategy no less than six times in the last ten years, and is reviewing it again now.


Periodically, it is well worth while for a retailer to review whether its organisation and overhead costs are “in line” with its market position and gross margin achievement. 

An Organisational Effectiveness review should start with an analysis of sales, initial gross margin, mark-downs and achieved gross margin. It can then assess these against the main elements of a retailer’s overheads.


For clothing brands, there is also a need to regularly look at their


• positioning 
• competitors 
• channels of distribution 


1 Brand (Glenaden), UK

Brand strategy review [2002]


Alan Paine, UK

German and Italian market positioning for UK knitwear brand [1993]


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European market overview [2006]


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Subcontract research into a particular clothing market in UK [2006]


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Update of business plan for shirt manufacturer [2000]


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Promoting the advantages of using US cotton in clothing [2018]


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Business start-up assistance to a day spa beauty venture [2013]


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Company strategic review [2006]


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Multi-channel strategy and implementation for a womenswear brand selling retail, wholesale and to consumers online [2016]


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Fruit of the Loom, USA

European marketing study for US sportswear brand  [1991]


GIA, Pakistan

Market entry project for a Pakistan wholesale brand seeking to expand sales in the UK  [2016]


Hannah + Tiff, UK

Retail business start-up in the UK for a Vietnamese supplier of gifts and childrenswear  [2016]


International Trade Centre [United Nations]

Export marketing of Cambodian silk for the United Nations [2006]



Research on specialist protective fabrics in Europe [1999]


Johnstons of Elgin, UK

Export marketing to Europe, USA and Japan of cashmere knitwear [1998]


Kasiet, Kazakhstan

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Subcontract research into a particular clothing market in Eastern Europe [2007]


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Retail concessions study for this Irish designer [2002]


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Brand marketing study for Irish menswear company [2000]


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Retail, franchise and licence strategy for upmarket international brand Mulberry (1993)


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Competitiveness analysis for Irish carpet tufter Peerless Rugs [1997]


Prym, China

Market research into global lingerie markets for a supplier of lingerie accessories [2016]


Schway, UK

Marketing start-up of bolt-on social networking front end to web marketing systems [2008]


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Work on acquisition of Peerless Rug, Ireland [1997]


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Zandra Rhodes, UK

Company review of UK designer label Zandra Rhodes [1986]

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