By Malcolm Newbery | 7 November 2018
No one can deny that the fashion industry now is operating in a multi-channel world. But when it comes to managing this approach, it seems there is no unanimity of best practice – and often no best practice at all – on the three key issues of multi-channel pricing, sourcing and stock control. Malcolm Newbery unravels some of the complexities.

The three key challenges to operating successfully in a multi-channel world are


  1. Dealing with different customers buying through different channels, and in particular how to deal with garment pricing? We explain the proliferation of different prices for the same garment
  2. Sourcing and dealing with potentially different suppliers for the different consumer offers made? We explain how the different offers lead to the use of different suppliers
  3. Dealing with stock control, quite simply, where, how and by whom? We explain the possibility of seven different “pots”of stock


There is on these three issues, no unanimity of best practice, and often no best practice at all.


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